Email Encrypter WordPress Plugin

This plugin has been tested and works with WordPress 3.0.1.

This plugin will allow you to encrypt your email addresses(es) and mailto links, making it just a little more difficult for the spam bots to scrap it from your web site.

Using the management page for this plugin you can define your email addresses, and the hyperlinks – if you’d like to generate a mailto link – for your email address.  After saving the email a token is generated, and the new token can then be used in your posts, pages and text widgets to display your encrypted email address.

Here’s a real demonstration, this email is being rendered from this plugin:

[email-3] <– encrypted email 😉

If you view the source code for this page, you won’t find this email address anywhere in it.

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Plugin Specifications
Plugin Version 1.0
WordPress Version 3.0.1
Contextual Help Yes
MU Compatible No
Template Hooks wp_head()

No refunds »

Please note that your WordPress theme must use the wp_head() and wp_footer() hooks to encrypt your email addresses.

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