Register JavaScripts In WordPress

This plugin has been tested and works with WordPress 3.0.1.

WordPress makes it easy to include and use 3rd party JavaScripts in your WordPress web site. Using the methods available in WordPress ensures that desired JavaScript is only loaded once, and is accessible by the numerous code blocks that require it.

After activating the plugin a `JavaScripts` link will appear in the Tools menu. After clicking on the JavaScripts link you’ll be able to add your 3rd party and custom JavaScripts to be included in your theme.

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Plugin Specifications
Plugin Version 1.1
WordPress Version 3.0.1
Contextual Help Yes
MU Compatible No
Template Hooks wp_head()

No refunds ยป

Please note that your WordPress theme must use the wp_head() and wp_footer() hooks to include the JavaScripts you add using this plugin.

If you would like more information on registering JavaScripts in WordPress click here.

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