WordPress Plugins

If you are experiencing problems with a WordPress plugin released from, you can access the Plugin manager in your WordPress site, click the support link to visit the individual support page for that plugin.

If that fails, follow these steps:

  1. Verify that the installed plugin version is compatible with your installed version of WordPress.
  2. Update the plugin to the latest version. (If it says it’s compatible.)
  3. Search for the plugin page on this web site and leave a comment for help.

Web Apps

Each web app is different, and requires individual support based on many differing factors ranging from server configurations and software.  Please search for the web app page on this web site and follow the support information for the web app.

If all else fails, leave a comment for help on the web app page.

Mobile Apps

Android™ devices come in many differing technical specifications that range from screen size, internal hardware and software versions.  As a result from this varying fragmentation of the Android™ operating system, it’s impossible & impractical to attempt to develop an app that will run on all of them.

If you’ve downloaded an Android™ app and you are experiencing issues with it, please send an email to with the following information.

  1. Manufacturer: HTC, Samsung, or etc.
  2. Device type: Phone or Tablet
  3. Device Model
  4. Android™ Version
  5. Describe in detail what the problem is.

You should receive a response with in 48 hours of your request for support.