WordPress Advanced Settings Plugin

This plugin has been tested and works with WordPress 3.0.3.

This plugin allows you to modify some of the advanced WordPress configuration settings without having to edit your wp-config.php file after installation.

When you click on `Settings` in your dashboard you’ll see a new tab for Advanced Settings.  Click the Advanced Settings tab and change the available options to suit your needs.

The following are the current advanced settings capable of being edited with this plugin:

  • AutoSave Interval
  • Post Revisions
  • Alternate WP CRON
  • Disable WP CRON
  • Empty Trash

This plugin also provides a reset option to return your WordPress installation to the default advanced settings.

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Plugin Specifications
Plugin Version 1.3
WordPress Version 3.0.3
Contextual Help Yes
MU Compatible Yes
Template Hooks N/A

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Please note that it is not possible to allow you to change all of the optional WordPress settings through this plugin. In some cases the WP CONSTANTS are defined before this plugin has the opportunity to set them. Once a CONSTANT is set, it can no longer be changed, that’s why it’s called a CONSTANT. 😉

If you would like more information on the Advanced WordPress Settings click here.

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